Click the link below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Institutional Advancement Vice President for Missouri Valley College about the new and first ever position of Director of Planned Giving:

Eric Sappington

Missouri Valley College has introduced a new position to it’s staff.  “As the college continues to move forward,” said Sappington, “It was time to add a staff member that focuses just on planned giving.  That’s a big task that includes lots of different things like estate planning, wills and trusts, and real estate being given to the college.  So it  was just important for us to have somebody that would focus solely on the more sophisticated gifts that were being given to the college.”

The college is excited to re-welcome former director of marketing and media, the new Director of Planned Giving, Mr. Chad Jaecques.  “He’s got about 1 years experience in higher education,” Sappington explains, “He knows Missouri Valley and says he loves the college, so we’re excited about that because he knows his way around campus and knows the Alum’s.  It’s just important for somebody to come in and work closely with myself as well as President Humphrey to move this program forward.”

Mr. Jaecques is not only fully capable and extremely qualified, but he also has a connection to the college that will help the new role he will fulfill.  “When someone wants to give a gift to the college, you have to have that relationship,” said Sappington, “There has to be a trust factor that the college is going to do what that donor wants them to do with that gift.  Chad is a good person to know what the college is all about and some of the goals that we have set.  He was a part of setting those goals years ago and to come back and lead this effort is just really a perfect fit for everybody.”

The staff’s ears are open to anyone’s comments.  “We are just excited to get Chad in and going,” Sappington expresses, “It’s important for people to contact us if they have any interest or any questions that would maybe helpful for us to conversate back.  Again this is new to the college, we have received gifts like this, we just want to continue to make it easy for people to support the college.”