Opportunities to register to vote have passed with the registration cutoff date, which was October 12th.

According to statutes, the cutoff is four Wednesdays before the election.  However, some residents may be still be able to re-apply if they have moved within their county, or moved to a new county in Missouri.  There also may be special ballots available at the County Courthouse.

Ballots may also be mailed out of the County if the voter is planning to be away, as long as an application is received November 2nd.

Incapacitated or hospitalized voters may be able to apply after that deadline.

Absentee voting ends Monday, November 7th at 5 p.m.

Personal identification is required, including:

Federally, or state issued identification.

Identification issued by institutions of higher learning, including colleges, universities, and vo-tech schools.

A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, or paycheck with name and residence of the voter.

If these forms are unavailable, the voter must be known by at least two supervisory judges who represent both the Democrat and Republican parties.