2011 LMA World Livestock Auctioneering Champion Charlie Cummings.

The 2011 Livestock Marketing Association World Livestock Auctioneering Champion is Charlie Cummings.  The farmer from Yates Center Kansas, in the southeast part of the state, will offer his vocal stylings at 3 locations in the KMZU listening area.  Although he’ll be over the ring, Cummings says it will be business as usual…


Cummings says it’s a career he first began a long time ago…


Ahead of his trip through the Show Me State, Cummings was in the field planting corn which he says is going..


Cummings will be at the Central Missouri Sales Company in Sedalia Monday, April 9th.  He’ll be at the Kingsville Livestock Auction Tuesday, April 10th.  On Wednesday Cummings will be in Vienna for the State LMA association auctioneer contest then head to Mo-Kan Livestock market on Thursday.