Photo courtesy of Jack Bishop/MO Wizard of Oz Days.

MACON – The magic and entertainment of Missouri Wizard of Oz Days will return for its seventh year in Macon. For those who may be new to the concept, festival director Jack Bishop gives an idea of what to expect from such a unique festival.

Fans of the classic film and even those who are young enough to be introduced to it will have a lot to look forward to while visiting the festival. Bishop gives a preview of what events will take place on the fairgrounds.

This year marks the first time the event has been hosted in Macon. Bishop describes what attracted the Wizard of Oz Days to the town.

As this is the festival’s seventh year, Bishop takes the time to explain to KMZU how it all began.

He describes the festival as a way to bring a large theme park-like experience to rural kids and adults who may never get the chance to travel.

Out of everything Wizard of Oz Days has to offer, Bishop says his favorite part is the costumes that can be seen throughout the day. He tells the story of some very special festival goers who make the event even more worthwhile.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 23, the event will be hosted at the Macon County Fairgrounds. Bishop gives his parting words on how the festival overall makes its participants feel.