MISSOURI –Human Trafficking is a problem here in Missouri. The National Hotline for Human Trafficking reports that they had 318 calls last year and 114 cases reported in Missouri.  The average age of a trafficked child is 13-years-old.

Eighty-seven of those children are trafficked for sex, 11 were for labor and the other 2 were for a combination of both. These statistics were compiled by Polaris which is funded by The Department of Health.

Deirdre Lhamon is the founder and director of a recovery house in St. Louis. Lhamon was watching a human trafficking documentary 10 years ago, and the story touched her heart.  Lhamon said she couldn’t believe this was happening in her neighborhood and wanted to do something to help.

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month. President Trump signed an executive order to help try to curb some of this crime.

Lhamon said The Covering House is not a rescue outfit, but provides a safe recovery environment.

Human trafficking is happening everywhere to all different kinds of kids. Lhamon said she wants people to be aware that kids are being taken from their families from all parts of Missouri.

For more information you can go to The Covering House website.