JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — MO HealthNet, Missouri’s Medicaid program, will be launching a new two-year pilot program to promote better health for users.

MO HealthNet has received two grants from the Missouri Foundation for Health and the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City for the project, which would benefit participants in select Missouri cities.

Director of MO HealthNet Joseph Parks, said the joint efforts from the two foundation will go toward hiring 14 new employees.

LOGO-HealthNet“They’re both putting their money together and funding a project that puts community health workers … to assist patients that are getting served at our health homes,” Parks said.

The new project will go into place in areas of Springfield, Joplin, Branson and Kansas City. Parks said the foundations were interested in doing one urban area and one rural area. He added Joplin and Branson were considered to be in the rural part of the state.

The project is still in the hiring stages to fill those 14 new positions. Parks said once launched, the project will benefit more than just the patient.

“Family members might be having to assist them, get these medication refills,” Parks explained. “Spending work time on the telephone calling up clinics … it takes a bit of administrative talent to navigate America’s health care system.”

The two-year pilot project from MO HealthNet is expected to launch in coming months.