Missouri senators begin the second half of the legislative session. Senate Minority Floor Leader Jolie Justus of Kansas City tells her colleagues she has put together a new version of Senate Bill 491, which would modify provisions relating to criminal law. She says the proposal is a smaller document than before.

“We have put together a group of resources and folks and professionals who can go and talk to him about this, so that we can address any concerns that he has.”

Work toward this measure has been underway for several years.

Senators debate Senate Joint Resolution 34, which would — upon voter approval — require the Missouri Senate to try all impeachments, except for that of the governor. Senator Ed Emery of Lamar sponsors the resolution…

“From 1820 until 1945 — about 125 years — Missouri filed and prosecuted impeachment as they’re pursued in the federal model, in accordance with the Founders’ original design.”

Senate Joint Resolution 34 has been laid over for future debate.

Story courtesy of Dean Morgan