Changes to the “Amy Hestir Student Protection Act” were reviewed by Missouri Senators during the special session this week. Senator Jane Cunningham, of Chesterfield, explains why the bill was revised. Click to hear Cunningham.

Jane Cunningham

“There was absolutely no means or mode of communication that was prohibited. All means of communication under Senate Bill 54 was absolutely fine. The only thing that was prevented was hidden communication between an adult and minor without parents having any recourse of that hidden communication.”

Senator Jolie Justus, of Kansas City, agrees with the revisions. Click to hear Justus.

Jolie Justus

“This is going to do a lot to clean up obviously a lot of significant probelms that we have. I find it unfortunate that the good of this bill has been overshadowed by this bigger issue.”

Senate Bill One focuses on certain provisions related to the way school district employees and students communicate

Senate Bill one has received initial approval from the Senate but will need another round of approval before heading to the House.