As the political campaign season continues, the Missouri Department of Transportation is reminding the public that political and other yard signs placed in right of ways can cause safety concerns for drivers. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk to Special Assignments Coordinator Bob Brendel:

Bob Brendel

“In an election year, we know that there will be a proliferation of campaign signs,”said Brendel,”We just want to remind people that its not a good idea to put the signs on the state-owned right of ways.  They can create safety concerns both for those putting the signs out there and for drivers whose may be distracted by unauthorized signs and they may obstruct their view of things they need to see to make safe decisions on the highways.”

If the department removes a sign, it will be held at a maintenance facility where it can be retrieved by the owner.

Press Release:

As a gentle reminder, the Missouri Department of Transportation is respectfully asking the public for their help in keeping the state-owned right of way clear of objects including political and other yard signs.

The placement of yard signs on right of way can sometimes create a safety concern for motorists by blocking the visibility needed to safely proceed through an area as well as enter or exit driveways and streets. In other situations, the placement of a sign can become an obstacle for a driver to avoid in the event they must exit the roadway in an emergency. They can also make it difficult to mow or maintain the right of way. Also, it is dangerous for persons when installing or maintaining these signs to be on highway right of way in close proximity to traffic.

When possible, MoDOT tries to identify and contact a sign owner before removing a sign. Once a sign is removed, it is held for 30 days and can be retrieved from the local MoDOT maintenance facility.

MoDOT thanks the public for their help with this important safety matter. For more information about this topic or other transportation-related matters, please call 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (275-6636) or log onto

NOTE: A flier on the subject is posted on MoDOT’s website at