According to Area Engineer Tonya Lohman, five northwest Missouri counties have multiple projects causing delays this week. Click to hear Lohman:

Tonya Lohman

Route M: Patching will close Route M from Bosworth to the Chariton County line.
Route YY: Roadwork will close Route YY from Route J to M.
Route CC: Route CC will be closed from Highway 65 to where state maintenance ends.

Business 65: Area maintenance crews will be making pavement repairs in the eastbound lanes between Mason Street and Highway 65.  Work is scheduled to continue through Thursday.  Work will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Route B: Milling projects will close Route B from Route F to Highway 116.
Route F: Pavement repairs will close Route F from Route A to Highway 13.


Route 5: Maintenance crews will be patching on Route 5 from Highway 24 to Route O.
Highway 129: Patching will close Highway 129 from Highway 24 to Route NN.
Routes K and WW: Crews will be mowing along Routes K and WW.

Highway 139: Bridge maintenance continues on Highway 139.

Highway 131: Resurfacing will close Highway 131 from Highway 2 through November 1.
I-70: Crews will be working on I-70 near Highway 131
Highway 24: Resurfacing will close both the east and westbound lanes of Highway 24 – .5 miles before Business 13.

Information from the Missouri Department of Transportation
LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MO. –This weekend motorists will be traveling down Route 24 in Lafayette County to reach the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. The Missouri Department of Transportation has reopened both bridges on Route 24 as promised but additional work will require a short-term closure.

Recently rehabilitated as part of the Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program, these bridges opened on Thursday, Sept. 15 for the more than 4000 motorists using it daily, in time for the big celebration in Lexington.

“MoDOT made a commitment to Lafayette County and area communities to have Route 24 back open to traffic in time for the 150th anniversary celebration. We know how important this is to the area and value our partnership with the county. We are pleased to have been able to accommodate their needs,” said Mike McGrath, MoDOT Kansas City Area Engineer.

Although the bridges are open in time for the anniversary, additional items will require a short-term closure so crews can safely and efficiently complete the work. Beginning Monday, Sept. 19, the Route 24 Bridge near Route 131 will close, so crews can complete repairs beneath the bridge that were inaccessible during recent flooding. All work is expected to be done and the road reopened to traffic by end of the day on Monday, Sept. 26 if not sooner.

When completed at the end of 2013, the Safe & Sound Improvement Program will replace or improve 802 of the state’s worst bridges, most of which are located on rural routes. In the Kansas City District, MoDOT will replace or repair 145 bridges – 22 in Lafayette County.
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Route WW: Patching will close Route WW from one mile west of Route W to one mile east of Route JJ
Route M: Crews will work on Route M from Highway 11 to Route C.
Highways 129 and 11: Mowing will begin on Highways 129 and 11.

Route EE: Maintenance crews will be working on Route EE from Highway 36 to where state maintenance ends.
Highway 36: Bridge maintenance will close one lane on Highway 36 from Highway 65 to Route B.

Highway 10: Bridge maintenance will close both the east and westbound lanes of Highway 10 – .5 miles before Route C. Work begins September 26.

Route BB: Pavement repair will close one lane of Route BB Southbound between Route 20 and Route 65 from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sept.19 to Sept 22.
Route 127: Bridge maintenance will reduce MO 127 to one lane near I-70 during the day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Sept 8 to Sept 19.