The Missouri Department of Transportation is looking for Missourians to put their two cents in about what projects they should tackle next to improve the Show-Me State’s roadways. Click to hear KMZU’s Brian Lock talk with MoDOT Area Engineer Tonya Lohman:
Tonya Lohman

“We have reached out to the public over the past couple of years through our on the move efforts,” said Lohman. “We have asked everyone throughout the state who would comment about what projects they would like to see us doing going forward. It gives us direction to focus on like taking care of our system and looking at safety concerns we have in different areas of the state.”

The period of public comment initially was only to last one week, but MoDOT extended it to run a full month in order to get comments from as many Missourians as possible.

“We have extended the public comment period,” Lohman added. “We initailly were going to have from the 13th to the 20th of June, which was only about a week long, but our commission wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to comment. So we have extended it to July 3rd, so folks can have a chance to get on our website. We have printed forms they can fill out, too.”

To participate in the public comment period, visit the Moving Forward page on MoDOT’s website.