MoDOT temporarily grants weight allowances for flood relief supplies

by Mar 27, 2019Headlines, Local News

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has issued a temporary weight allowance for trucks on Missouri highways to transport sand, rock and gravel to help repair roads, levees and other structures in communities affected by river flooding.

According to a press release Tuesday, MoDOT announced that both for-hire and private motor carriers are allowed up to an additional 10 percent more weight than they are licensed for.

While trucks are allowed additional weight on the road, there are some restrictions to the allowance.

Motor carriers that participate in the allowance may not carry more than an additional 10 percent of their licensed load and the transportation of sand, rock and gravel is limited to the state of Missouri only.

Other limits include traveling no more than 30 miles per hour over bridges as well as obeying the posted weight limits for each bridge.

Additionally travel will only be allowed on non-interstate highways for motor carriers participating in the allowance.

For more information about the allowance, visit the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website.

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