Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Children’s Librarian, Candy Warren.

Candy Warren

This is sure to be a wholesome and bonding family activity.  “We are super excited,” Warren said, “We are going to have monster themed stories, we will have an activity that is based off of the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are, and then we have some monster activities planned for the evening.  It’s just going to be a lot of fun.”

During the course of the evening, things might get a little wild.  “They are going to have some monster related games that we are going to do,” said Warren, “And then of course our stories.  Then they will get to go out with their families and make a monster mask or monster face, from one of the characters in Where the Wild Things Are.”

This isn’t just for mom, dad, brother, and sister, the entire family is invited to join in on the spooktastic event.  “Family fun nights are really for all family members,” Warren said, “And no registration is required, it’s just a show up and have fun type of event.  We look forward to seeing folks and I know it’ll be a lot of fun for everybody.”

After you go and enjoy the evening, be sure to set time aside for all of the libraries future fun events.  “People can also check out our calendar of events,” said Warren, “It’s on the children’s page at  Once you’re there, there is a tab for the children’s department.  Once you click that, there is a programming tab that will have a calendar of all the events.”

For any other question, please visit the Livingston County Library website by following the link listed above, or you can call Candy Warren at 660-646-0563 or e-mail at  [email protected]