MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Mo — Missouri Farmers Care has designated Montgomery County an Agri-Ready County. Montgomery County earned this title by creating an environment conducive to agricultural opportunity and growth.

Missouri Farmers Care

According to a news release, Montgomery County is the 33rrd county to earn this designation. Ryan Poston, Montgomery County Presiding Commissioner said, “Montgomery County is a rural county, agriculture is what drives our economy, which is why we are so excited to have applied for and attained the MFC ‘Agri-Ready County Designation,'”

Agri-Ready counties have the opportunity to partner with Missouri Farmers Care to advance local agricultural enterprise, promote the county as a conductive location for business expansion, and enhance workforce readiness for agricultural careers.

Since December 2015, the Agri-Ready Program has also helped the Agriculture Education on the Move program and the Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program.

“I am pleased that Montgomery County is now Agri-Ready, hanging a welcome sign to agriculture and acknowledging its importance to the county and state,” said Luella Gregory, vice president and education chair of Montgomery County Farm Bureau.

More information can be found on the Missouri Farmers Care Website.