Senator Roy Blunt

WASHINGTON, D.C. — More and frequent testing for the coronavirus was front and center in Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt’s remarks to the media on June 25.

“The President’s right when he says more testing means you’re gonna have more cases, but I gotta think we have to have more testing. We have to have more testing for moms and dads to feel good about their kids going back to a campus living environment, more testing for anybody who shows up at schools and more testing for people in close workplace situations,” Blunt said.

As the Senate chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Blunt says data shows COVID-19 will likely spike this Fall.

“I’ve been on literally hundred of calls with scientists, healthcare providers and people who are running these agencies. I think they believe there will be a second wave,” Blunt said, adding, “I do, too. It’ll probably occur in late October, sometime in November.”

Blunt says “with some certainty” Congress will appropriate more funding to public schools, colleges and hospitals hit hard by the impact of the coronavirus. To allow students and staff to safely return to school is “critically important” for a return to a more normal life, he said.

Talks for a second stimulus package will likely occur in late July, he says.

“We need to figure out what to do, as we move from rescue to recovery, and certainly the right things we did for April and May are not necessarily the right thing you do in August, September and October,” Blunt said. “I think our timing  is good. I’m comfortable with not making any quick decisions … until we put it together a month from now.”