Additional motions were filed in the case of Mark Woodworth Thursday.  The Chillicothe resident was twice convicted in the shooting death of his neighbor Cathy Robertson in the 1990s.  The Missouri Supreme vacated Woodworth’s conviction earlier this month. Prior to that action, he was serving a life sentence at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron.

Since the high court’s order, Woodworth’s attorney Robert Ramsey has filed motions for bond to be set and a request for the court to follow the special master’s recommendation to appoint a special prosecutor to the case or, in the alternative, to rule that the attorney general does not have authority to act on behalf of Livingston County and send the case back to that county’s prosecuting attorney for a decision on whether or not to try Woodworth for a third time.

The state filed its intent to retry the case on Wednesday.  One day later, the state filed their opposition to Ramsey’s rehearing request.  In turn, Ramsey asked the court extend the time-frame in which he will be allowed to respond to that opposition.  The motion was granted; however, there has been no indication of how much time he will be given to prepare that response.

At this time, the court has not ruled on the motion for bond and Woodworth remains in the custody of the Department of Corrections.