The Freedom of Road Riders Local Eight will hold their annual toy drive Sunday afternoon. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Secretary Meredith Alexander:

Meredith Alexander

“We do fundraising throughout the year, to raise money that goes into the toy fund. And then the first Sunday in November of each year, which the 3rd this year, we buy toys and groceries. And then everyone donates toys and groceries, also, when they ride. And then we get a police escort from Royal Inn Pizza at Chillicothe to the Salvation. Which we present it to the people there,” said Alexander.

The group will meet at the South Washington Street location at 2:00 Sunday afternoon. The group will depart at 2:15, and a police escort will take them to the Salvation Army to make their donation.

“Anyone can participate. They can ride a motorcycle. They can come in a car. They can just donate toys or canned goods, whatever they want to do. I mean, it’s not just open to motorcyclists. This is something that anyone can get involved in.”

Freedom of Road Riders began this statewide tradition 27 years ago. More information is available at