GALLATIN, Mo. — Northwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Tim Baker has put together a new horticulture tip for listeners across the state. Each week Baker will release a short clip on various plant and greenery topics.

Mums need at least six hours of sunny conditions a day to fully thrive in their environment.

In this week’s edition of Horticulture Tips, Baker explains how pinching mums will promote growth.

Mums are fun to grow for fall color in your landscape, but to get a lot of flowers, you’ll need to pinch off the growing tips in early summer,” Baker explained. “This will promote a lot of extra growth, and many more flower buds will be produced.

Baker recommended to stop removing the growing tips in mid-July. This will allow the plant to mature by midsummer. After all is said and done, he said mum owners will be rewarded with a great show this fall.

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are native to China, but have been a popular burst of color in the United States for the past 75-80 years. According to MU Extension, mums planted between April and May are more likely to survive the winter than mums planted in the fall months.

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