MU Extension’s horticulture specialist Tim Baker recommends that garden growers invest in a drip irrigation system before going on a summer vacation.

GALLATIN, Mo. — Northwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Tim Baker has put together another helpful horticulture tip for listeners across the state of Missouri. Each week Baker will release a short clip on various plant and greenery topics.

In this week’s edition of Horticulture Tips, Baker explains to individuals how they can make sure their garden stays green and growing while on vacation.

Are you going on vacation, but can’t find anyone to water your garden while you’re gone?” Baker asked. “You may want to consider buying a drip irrigation system and timer.”

To create a drip irrigation system, Baker recommends investing in a soaker hose and a battery-operated timer. The hose can be placed in each row of the garden and the timer can then be set for turning the water on and off throughout the day.

“When you return home, you’ll have a well-watered and thriving garden awaiting your arrival,” Baker said. 

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