A new assistant professor has been hired at Missouri Valley College. Chair of the language and humanities division Dr. Jennifer Eimers said Dr. Christopher Libby will help the philosophy department fill the gap. Click to hear Eimers:

Jennifer Eimers

Press Release from Missouri Valley College

Marshall, MO. (August 31, 2011) – Dr. Sharon Weiser, chief academic officer at Missouri Valley College, has announced Dr. Christopher Libby will serve as assistant professor of religion and philosophy.

Libby has nearly 20 years of teaching experience at the collegiate level. Libby’s teaching appointments include William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo., as well as colleges in Tennessee and Illinois. Last year, Libby served as an adjunct instructor of philosophy at Missouri Valley College.

“Dr. Libby’s background in both religion and philosophy makes him an excellent fit for our division and for Missouri Valley College,” said Dr. Jennifer Eimers, chair of the language and humanities division. “His teaching style will challenge our students to become critical thinkers.”

Libby received an A.B. degree in institutions and policy from William Jewell College. He earned his master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Libby earned his Master of Theological Studies degree in theology, and his doctorate degree in religion, ethics and society from Emory University.

Libby’s primary areas of teaching are in the ethics category, including, theological, philosophical, medical, environmental, and sexual ethics, as well as ethics of war and peace, and ethics of punishment.