named-logoTMMISSOURI – Dr. Keith Kantor has been a leading nutrition scientist for more than 30 years. In 1994 he become CEO of Service Foods, Inc., an all natural food company. Most recently Dr. Kantor has become the founder and CEO of the newly patented NAMED Program, which stands for Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking. Kantor explains in an interview with KMZU’s Andy Campbell why he created NAMED, why it works and the methods used.

The mission statement for NAMED reads, “Increase the success rate of addiction withdraw and lower the relapse rate of addicts in recovery through natural nutritional methods.” Dr. Kantor has designed this program around providing a natural nutrition plan to addicts in rehabilitation institutes and monitor the suppression of the opiate receptors throughout each patients body.

Dr. Kantor explained in his interview that everyone has opiate receptors; they are located throughout our bodies in our brain, spinal cord and gastrointestinal tract. Things that people eat stimulate the opiate receptors and Dr. Kantor says the body itself doesn’t know what it is being stimulated to want, but if the body is use to getting cocaine or another drug it will pattern the person to want the drug when the receptor is stimulated.

Kantor coincides his program with established rehabilitation facilities and pairs his nutritional treatment with psychiatric care. Each patient receives a meal plan that is designed to not stimulate the opiate receptors in the patients bodies. Through monitoring by a doctor the levels and inflammation of the receptors are monitored and adjusted. The ultimate goal is opiate receptor suppression. Kantor says the mental underlying issues that caused the patients to start using the drug is monitored by the psychiatrists at the facilities.

According to the NAMED mission statement it is believed that through the use of the NAMED Program nutrition scientists will be able to not only suppress the opiate receptors but also natural block the chemical binding of the opiate receptors. Subsequently drastically reducing the amount of addiction throughout the world.

As Dr. Kantor has been in the nutrition field for several decades, he also specializes in meal plans for people with other illnesses besides addiction. Follow this link to view 3 weeks of free meal plans for people with everything from Crohn’s disease to diabetes.