JEFFERSON CITY, Mo— Yesterday, March 15, 2016, was National Ag day, centered in the middle of National Ag week, and many Missouri schools are taking this opportunity to focus on agriculture and the role it plays in our everyday lives.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with the  Missouri Farm Bureau’s Director of Promotionag week day and Education Programs, Diane Olson:

Many schools, both rural and urban, are taking advantage of the nationwide recognition, mixing up their standard class room study habits with a bit of farm and production education. Diane Olson, the Director and Promotion and Education Programs for the Missouri Farm Bureau, says while yesterday was National Ag day, in all reality, every day is Agriculture day because we all enjoy the benefits of agriculture every day .

“The sheets we sleep on, the things we use from when we take a shower,” Olson continued to detail a few of the areas in which agriculture plays a role, “The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the automobiles we drive, the homes in which we live… all of that has a connection back to agriculture and so much more.”

To help promote even more about the importance of agriculture, the Bureau has recently put out a 12 page pamphlet titled Agriculture is Everywhere. Olson noted more than 115,000 copies have been distributed among newsrooms and classrooms in 88 Missouri Counties.

“One of the things that we see a lot about today is the need for careers in agriculture.” Explained Olson, “I just did a presentation for a middle school group the other day because they’re saying over the next five years, there will be more career opportunities in agriculture than there will be graduating students to fill those career choices.”

And while many people think of farmers and producers when they think of agriculture, Olson said there is so much more to the field.

“So we need to share with these young people that agriculture is more than just farming.” Olson noted, “When you think about all the scientific research that goes into getting a plant in the ground, you know, getting that seed release. Then all of the other careers; your agronomists, your entomologists, your soil scientist, your hydrologist, you know there are so many other careers that actually are so important to agriculture.”

To obtain your free publication of the Agriculture is Everywhere tabloid, those interested are encouraged to call 573-893-1414 or e-mail Olson at [email protected]