KOLKATA, India (AP) — Government officials accuse staff of abandoning patients and running away after a fire swept through a hospital in the Indian city of Kolkata today, killing 89 people. Police have arrested six hospital officials and charged them with culpable homicide.

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — Virginia Tech is mourning the death of a 39-year-old Army veteran and father of five. The campus police officer was gunned down in a school parking lot yesterday. After killing officer Deriek Crouse, the gunman killed himself. Police are searching for a motive.

BRUSSELS (AP) — Britain is the only holdout. According to the president of the European Union, 26 of its 27 members are open to joining a new treaty that would tie their finances together to solve the euro crisis. Only Britain is opposed. In overnight talks, the 17 countries that use the euro gradually persuaded the others to consider joining the new treaty they would create. It would allow for unprecedented oversight of national budgets. Leaders of some of those countries could still face a fight in their parliaments.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The family of retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, who vanished years ago in Iran, has gone public with a plea to his unknown kidnappers. The video message released on the Levinson family’s website asks the kidnappers to reveal their demands so the family can work to bring Levinson home.

LONDON (AP) — A British medical review finds that a woman’s chance of developing mental health issues does not increase after an abortion. But issues do increase in women with unwanted pregnancies. Doctors say the problem of unwanted pregnancy needs more attention.