NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are rising, on hopes for a plan to restore long-term confidence in the euro. French and German leaders have been meeting today to discuss closer political and economic cooperation in Europe. After the meeting, they called for a new European Union treaty to ensure that the region’s debt crisis never happens again. France’s president says while they’d like to see a treaty among all 27 EU countries, they’d settle for one that involves just the 17 countries that use the euro.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Postal officials are spelling out in greater detail this morning the type of cuts that are in store, in an effort to save $3 billion. About half of the 500 mail processing centers around the country would close as soon as next March. And first-class mail — which is supposed to be delivered within one to three days in the United States — would now have a delivery target of two to three days.

TOKYO (AP) — It’s a reminder of the difficulties still facing the owner of Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant. The company says the plant leaked about 45 tons of highly-radioactive water from a purification device over the weekend, and some of it may have drained into the ocean. Tokyo Electric Power is trying to bring the plant, damaged by this year’s tsunami, to a cold shutdown by the end of the year.

DAMASCUS (AP) — Syria’s foreign ministry says the regime of Bashar Assad has “responded positively” to a request by the Arab League to send observers to the country. It’s part of a plan to end the country’s eight-month-old crisis. But there appear to be serious stumbling blocks. Syria is demanding that the Arab League scrap recent decisions, including economic sanctions against Syria and the suspension of Syria from the league.

SILVERTON, Colo. (AP) — Authorities are still trying to find two people who are believed to have died in a small plane crash in the southwest Colorado mountains. A search team reached the crash site yesterday and found two bodies. The plane was flying from Durango to Aspen with four people on board when it crashed Saturday afternoon.