The push to adopt out of foster care is heavy during the month of November, which is National Adoption Month.

Many considering adoption fail to consider adopting out of foster care.  Almost half of the children waiting in foster care are between the ages of 15 and 18 years old.  Many of these are moved from family to family, and do not have a sense of familial continuity.

The National Director of AdoptUSKids, believes these children still deserve families.  In a recent interview, Kathy Ledesma says, a person does not have to be perfect to be a perfect adoptive parent.  Ledesma recently spoke to KMZU’s Matt Gang, telling listeners, the need for foster families and adoptive families is great.

Ledesma says, the initial cost of foster parenting is relatively low, and the money often can be reimbursed.  She also says the financial standards for prospective parents are not as high as some believe.  Adoptive parent, Nicole Hayward says, all a person really needs, is room in the heart, room in the home, and patience.

Go to the AdoptUSKids website to learn more.

Adoption professionals can also be reached for more information:  (888)-200-4005.