A new fundraising campaign has been lauched by North Central Missouri College in Trenton to generate funds for the restoration of Geyer Hall.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with President Dr. Neil Nuttall:

Dr. Neil Nuttall

Engineers took a look at the building prior to the campaign to determine if a renovation was possible or if a new structure would be a better economical investment.   “The envelope is strong,” said Nuttall, “It’s solid and we can actually reduced our expenditures in what it would cost to build a new facility by over $1.5 just to renovate what we already have.  Once we decided the building was good to restore, we looked to see what we believe the building should be used for in the future.  We have had a strong tutorial program with our ARC , a strong federal program through SSS which is student support services, and then our library.”

Nuttall explained how this project will allow these services to be housed under one roof in a state-of-the-art learning center.  “That is an area developed where our students can have multiple services at one site so they can take full advantage while they’re in a particular facility.”

The college was given a boost to the project through a private donation.    “Fred and Franklin Bosley were two gentlemen who were a big part of our college for years,” said Nuttall, “Both were distinguished alumni and were recognized as such.  They had provided resources to us while they were alive, but we had no idea what they had in mind for our college in their will.  We have already received $1 million from  the assets they had designated for us.  We think there is another $300k-$400k that will be coming our way.”

Those funds have been placed into a program where they will be matched by state dollars and the campaign will now focus on raising the remainder to cover the approximate $3.5 million project.

Anyone interested supporting the campaign is asked to contact Foundation Director Teresa Cross at tcross@mail.ncmissouri.edu or (660)359-3948 Ext. 1403.