Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Warrensburg Public Information Officer Sylvia Carpenter:

Sylvia Carpenter

The Warrensburg City Council met in regular session this week. Public Information Officer Sylvia Carpenter said there was discussion of a project that would make city information easily accessible.  “This would be an application on a phone,” said Carpenter, “With that, users would be able to look at the places of Warrensburg such as restaurants, gas stations, and things like that.  It would also be linked to our website, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

Carpenter said providing user-friendly data is key to continual growth.  “I think it’s incredibly important,” said Carpenter, “As of right now, everyone is using their phones,” said Carpenter, “Iphones, Droids, tablets, whatever it may be, technology is here and I believe it’s important to get an app available so people can easily use those resources.”

The price tag for the service is still being negotiated on this project and council will review it again at a later date.

Also on Monday’s agenda was an ordinance authorizing the execution of a lease contract with Charter for Internet Service Provider Services.  According to Carpenter, this was also tabled for further negotiations.