One of the area Economic Development Corporations that touted the failed Mamtek proposal is now backing a project in Chariton County.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Senior Business Adviser Bill Napier:

Bill Napier

The stalled Mamtek project in neighboring Randolph County did not seem to weigh on economic developers and city officials in Salisbury when they made the decision to bring in a new business.  The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation along with the Chariton County Commissioners and the Salisbury City Council have announced that JC Solutions – the producers of a variety of agricultural products – will establish its manufacturing and packaging operation in the former SEMCO facility.

Napier said JC Solutions really can’t be compared to the failed Mamtek initiative.  “There’s a big game afoot by many companies and a lot of the foreign companies will pick your pocket.  But there are good, legitimate opportunities.  I would give your economic development people an A, because they got us there,” Napier said.

According to MAEDC, the project will include a capital investment of $1.25 million and create “dozens of local jobs.”  Taxpayer dollars are not expected to be tied up in the project.  “In today’s environment, economic development is risky,” Napier said.  “Quite honestly, there’s no way that we can guarantee the success of our own business.  We’ve poured a lot time and money into it.  We believe in the product, but it really isn’t in the marketplace yet and that’s the critical time.  Businesses succeed and businesses fail.  Everyone hopes they’re the ones that succeed.”

Equipment will be moved to the site within the next few weeks, and the company should be hiring employees in the coming months.