Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Macon County Economic Development Executive Director Denise Bennett:

Denise Bennett

A city in Macon County recently celebrated the completion of a very beneficial project.  “When they come into New Cambria, the Macon County R-IV school sits right there,” said Bennett, “The new sidewalk goes from the school, down through the center of the town, up to the city park on both sides.  So all of the sidewalks have been replaced and they have bright shiny new sidewalks all through-out the entire business district.”

This sidewalk is a great new addition for anyone that is out and about.  “It’s wonderful for the community,” Bennett explained a few benefits to the new sidewalk, “It provides safe routes for the school children to walk back and forth from home to school.  It also provides safe paths for elderly and any pedestrians that are walking in the downtown area to get the various that are located there.”

The project has been 2 years in the making and would not have been possible with out 2 very important beneficiary’s.  “They applied for a Mo-Dot ‘Safe Route to School’ grant in 2012,” said Bennett, “They also approached the Macon County Economic Development for additional funding to help with the match that the city had to come up with for the grant.  We had funds available through our Land Fill Fee program, and that program is designated specifically for infrastructure grants for the community’s within Macon County.”

Improvement of area communities is always a goal.  “We do have monies available through that program,” Bennett shared, “Both for grants for infrastructure for the cities within Macon County and we also have loans available for small business’s that qualify for the program.  I would encourage the cities or any individuals that are interested in potential funding to contact Macon County Economic Development for further information.”

You can reach the Economic Development office by calling 660-385-5627 or my e-mailing Denise at [email protected]