Update (1:50 Thursday): Sheriff Steve Cox has confirmed Mark Woodworth was transferred to the Daviess-DeKalb Regional Jail at approximately noon today.

New court documents have been filed in the Supreme Court case of Mark Woodworth. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Woodworth’s attorney Robert Ramsey:

Robert Ramsey

The Chillicothe resident was twice convicted during the 1990’s in the shooting death of his neighbor Cathy Robertson.  The high court vacated the conviction earlier this month and Attorney General Chris Koster shortly thereafter said he would retry Woodworth for a third time.

According to court documents, once the mandate was released, Woodworth would have to be returned to the custody of the Livingston County Sheriff as the state prepares for the third trial.  According to Ramsey, the transfer of custody should be almost immediate. “I expect it to be done pretty quickly,” said Ramsey, “As soon as the question of which judge is going to sit on this case is solidified, then we will be filing several motions.  One of the first will be a motion to set bond. Our goal is to minimize the time the sheriff actually has custody of him.”

Documents filed this morning indicate only that a mandate has been sent to several agencies including the Missouri Department of Corrections and the Clinton County Circuit Court Clerk.  Ramsey said the case documents were sent to Clinton County because it was the location of the last trial.  The details of the mandate have not been made available at this time.