KANSAS CITY, Mo. (NAFB) — A new movie out this weekend brings a different view on animal activism. Taking the undercover approach of seeking dog-catout animal abuse at a dog breeding facility, The Dog Lover depicts what can go wrong when someone has intentions to find bad practices by responsible animal care takers.

Ali Afshar produced the film and also stars in the movie. He explains what to expect from The Dog Lover. “The Dog Lover is a movie about the much debated issue of dogs and dog breeding, and how everything is not black and white, and how you don’t want to lump all dog breeders as irresponsible, and how you want to think about all of these agencies out there and learn the truth. Investigate before you donate so you are donating your time and your money to the proper agencies. That’s really the message behind it, but it’s all wrapped up in a great story about an undercover vet student that goes undercover at some responsible, and some irresponsible breeders, and it’s full of surprises.”

The film is based on a true story about what happened to a dog breeder in South Dakota. Afshar says the movie aims to shed light on the many American ways of life that are portrayed negatively, including farming and ranching. “The whole idea behind these movies, and there is going to be six of them, they’re all hopeful movies to de-villianize the American way of life that has been villianized. You know farmers and ranchers, some of the most loving people to animals I know are ranchers. Some of the people that love the environment are farmers. I think the media has painted this picture that farmers are poisoning the ground and all this nonsense. Yes there are some bad apples, but that is not the norm for that type of lifestyle. That is what protect the harvest is about, to show the truth, and that’s what ESA Entertainment, our production company that makes all these movies are about too. They shed the truthful light on these things.”

He says the goal of the film is to get people to investigate before you donate. “We want to get the message out there to learn the truth. We also are trying to obviously make fun entertainment that people like to watch…Hopefully this resonates with people…Hopefully they like the movies. They’re not just horrors or thrillers, they actually have meaning to them.”

The Dog lover movie will be released this weekend, or you can find in stores next week. “The movie will be released on July 8 and it’s also available on video on demand the exact same day. So if you’re not close to the 40 cities across the country that is playing the movie on July 8, you can be home and watch it on your cable or satellite provider. It’s also available at Walmart 5 days later on the 12th on DVD. Within that first week everyone in the country should be able to get it, check it out, and support it. If you love it we thank you, if you hate it we apologize in advance.”

Learn more about the film online at www.thedoglovermovie.com.