The Carrollton Police Department’s drug dog, Buddy, has been the center of recent attention.   Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Chief Robert Turner:

Chief Turner

The dog, who has serviced the department for 2-3 months, is now waiting the announcement of a new handler.  “Recently, Buddy has gotten loose from his K-9 handler twice,” said Turner, “With Buddy’s safety in mind, we contacted his vet and he approved for him to be placed in the pound until we could find a more secure location.  During that time, the canine handler turned in his stuff and stated he no longer wished to be the K-9 handler.  At that time, Buddy was moved to my house and I am currently taking care of his basic needs and we’re in the process of getting another officer to training to be Buddy’s handler.”

During the dog’s brief stay at the animal shelter, volunteers were unhappy as they were stripped of their keys and only allowed to care for the animals under the supervision of an officer.  That changed during Monday night’s city council meeting when the decision was made to move the dog to Turner’s residence.

The exact cost of training a new officer to serve as the K-9 handler remains unknown at this time.  “It’s around $750 per week depending on which course we use, “said Turned, “We have spoken to a couple of different ones, but we’re going to continue to get prices and see what will best fit Buddy.”

The department is unable to utilize Buddy’s services until a new officer has been trained. “Buddy is staying in the department and is a member of our team,” said Turner, “We do have officers that have shown interest in him and a decision will be made on which officer will be going to training.  We will choose whichever will better fit the situation and provide the best handler for the dog.”

His previous handler, Officer Brian Quinnelly, remains with the department as a patrol officer.