The new hospital in Chillicothe is beginning to take shape.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to CEO Matt Wenzel;

Matt Wenzel

According to Wenzel, the project is moving forward as anticipated.  “It’s on schedule and on budget,” said Wenzel,”Everything is going according to plan and we expect to have the facility turned over to us in December of next year.  Then it will take the hospital a couple of months to orientate the staff and move all of the equipment that we have going into the new building.”

Wenzel said the facility should help to recruit new doctors to the area.  “The goal, of course, is to get physicians to meet patient demand,” said Wenzel,” Right now, we do have more patient demand than we do physicians and so we’re recruiting.  We’ll be starting a new program next year.  It will include a physician who is double board in internal medicine and pediatrics.  That person will be taking care of patients strictly hospital side.”

The $42 million facility is expected to be operational by early 2014.