Lexington Mayor Jerry Brown

Lexington Mayor Jerry Brown

The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Candidate Forum Monday night at the Old Trails

Mayoral Candidate, Alonzo Hannon

Mayoral Candidate, Alonzo Hannon

Building on Main Street. In attendance were the two Mayoral candidates, incumbent Mayor Jerry Brown and his challenger Alonzo Hannon, along with a number of city council candidates.

The event was moderated by local real Estate Broker Christin McFadden and the questions were submitted by attending residents.

One question involved the controversial plan to build a new hospital. It asked what the leaders would do with the old hospital if a new one is built?

Mayor Brown says, the true answer is “To Be Determined”.

Jerry Brown

Challenger Hannon took the opposite tact.

Alonzo Hannon

Another submitted question again focused on the new hospital. It asked, do you support the new Hospital, and if so, how do we fund it?

Incumbent Brown says that he supports a new facility to replace a far outdated one. Plus, the notion of funding coming from tax payer’s pockets, is fiction.

Jerry Brown2

Alonzo Hannon answered, if taxpayers don’t have to fund it, build it, but…

Alonzo Hannon2

Other questions involved the community’s substance abuse problem, new business enticement, issues with code enforcement and more.

The candidates for city offices were held for one hour followed by an hour long form for school board candidates.