KMZU’s Sandi Wilson spoke to Chillicothe City Administrator Ike Holland about some of the items on the agenda discussed at Monday’s meeting.

Ike HOlland1

Among the items discussed at Monday’s meeting in Chillicothe were the demolition of a bridge on LIV 274. According to Ike Holland, City Administrator, the bridge has a 9 ton weight limit and apparently a vehicle weighing more than that crossed the bridge and caused the main support beam to snap in half. He recommended to the council that the bridge be taken out and a low grade crossing at the train tracks be implemented in its place.

Mr. Holland will have estimates for the cost of the bridge removal at a future date.

Another thing that Ike Holland brought before the council is the idea of “Livable Streets.” This program has seen success in several other cities across the nation. The idea would bring new sidewalks that would be ADA (wheelchair) accessible, provide better lighting on streets, encourage more people to get out and exercise and would also decrease crime rates due to the high volume of people being outdoors.

The City Administrator reiterated this is only an idea for the council to think about and did not call for any ordinances.

One more thing brought before the council is the demolition for the old hospital site. There are four houses at the location, three of which could be bought and moved off the property. According to Ike Holland, if these buildings were bought and removed then that would save tens of thousands of dollars in demolition costs.