A new scam has popped up in Livingston County.

The Chillicothe Police Department made the announcement Tuesday.

According to the press release, local senior citizens have received phone calls from individuals identifying themselves as a representative of Hedrick Medical Center or the Rangley Hospital which is located in Colorado.

The individuals claim they are calling about the citizens’ prescription medication in an effort to gather personal information.

Law enforcement is reminding everyone to never give out personal information over the phone, such as checking account and social security numbers, because they are used to steal a person’s identity.

The phone number being used by the perpetrators is listed as 866-218-7985.

Anyone receiving a call of this nature is urged to contact law enforcement immediately.

Press Release from the Chillicothe Police Department

The Chillicothe Police Department received information regarding a new telephone scam to our area.  Chillicothe citizens are being contacted via telephone and the caller is identifying themselves as a representative of the Hedrick Medical Center or the Rangley Hospital, which is located in Colorado.  The caller advises they are calling about prescribed medication and they attempt to gain the personal information of their target.  The scam seems to be targeting the elderly at this time.

The phone number of 866-218-7985 has been used by the scammers.

If you receive a call of this nature please contact your local law enforcement; and as always never share any personal information with someone you are not certain of their identity or intentions.