Newly released documents by Maryville, Mo. and Nodaway County law enforcement is offering new details in the controversial case of Daisy Coleman, 16, a former resident of Maryville.

The story starts in early 2012, the then 14-year-old Coleman was out with a popular 17-year-old high school student named Matthew Barnett. In Daisy’s account, she was drunk on the night of January 8th, 2012 at the time Barnett allegedly raped her. He then left her outside of her home, highly intoxicated and in freezing temperatures.

From recorded interviews with police, Barnett claims they had consensual intercourse at his home, then Daisy began drinking heavily afterwards. He also said that Coleman appeared to be “buzzed”, but not drunk when he picked her up that evening. The County Prosecutor filed charges of felony sex and child endangerment.

In Coleman’s testimony to the Nodaway Co. Sheriff’s Office, Coleman stated that she would exchange texts about once a month with Barnett. On Jan. 8, 2012 the discussion consisted of Barnett providing her and some friends with alcohol. An investigation into the two’s text records, showed they discussed drinking and hanging out, with Coleman replying if she should bring the alcohol.

Charges against Barnett were dropped in October of 2013 and made national headlines. After the firestorm of public outcry a special prosecutor was bought in. That investigation led to Barnett entering a guilty plea to the lone charge of child endangerment.

Shortly after the story went national Daisy Coleman attempted suicide by ingesting pills. That’s according to her brother, Charlie Coleman. Reportedly, Daisy has recovered, is in good health and attending school once again.

Matthew Barnett maintains that the sex was consensual, and his plea to child endangerment was for leaving Daisy outside in the cold.

Daisy’s  mother, Melinda Coleman continues to raise her voice and wants more charges brought against the now 19-year-old. She will appear in an interview Friday evening on the ABC news series 20/20.