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Peggy McGaugh

The deadline to file for candidacy in the April elections is quickly approaching. County Clerk and Election Authority for Carroll County Peggy McGaugh said there is an additional step in this year’s procedures.  “All candidates need to file a notarized copy of Form 5120,” said McGaugh, “That form is sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue and basically says there are no delinquent taxes owed by the candidate.  That includes state income, personal property, real propert, and corporate taxes.”

All candidates must file with their respective clerk or board secretaries by 5:oo p.m. on Tuesday, January 20th.

In other changes for April, towns, cities, and villages with a population under 1,000 could see a new proposal on their ballots. “In the legislature last year, they had Senate Bill 593 to allow cities with populations less than 1,000 to pass an ordinance that then would be put on the ballot to decide rather to forego annual municipal elections for six years if the number of candidates filing equal the number of seats up for election,” said McGaugh.

According to the county clerk, there are some with concerns regarding the potential change.  “I have heard that it’s not fair to people who decide at the last moment to be a candidate,” said McGaugh, “In this area, with small entities like we have, it is possible for a person to run a write-in campaign on election day and win the office.  So, it does take the right of a person to be a write-in.”

It’s also important to note that election billing is done on proportionate share. If only one entity in the precinct is having an election under this new rule, the cost will shift to that entity 100%.

Press Release:


Candidacy filings for the April 7, 2015 election will close in one week, Tuesday January 20th at 5:00 pm according to County Clerk and Election Authority Peggy McGaugh.  “These filings are taken by the respective Clerk’s or Board Secretaries of the entities with openings on their boards with the one exception being the Carroll County Ambulance Board which is done by my office.” 

All twenty townships, seven cities, seven schools, the Health Department, Ambulance District as well as the Golden Age Nursing Home District are currently accepting filings until closing day on January 20, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. I encourage persons interested in these boards to consider filing.

There are new rules and regulations for serving on boards effective in 2015 according to McGaugh.

“The letters went out to the entities in the middle of November with the directions and filing papers. Several regulations have changed effective with the 2015 filings that each prospective candidate should be aware of.  All candidates regardless of how small the entity must file a notarized copy of Form 5120 to the Missouri Department of Revenue and provide a copy to the clerk to attach to the Declaration of Candidacy.  This form declares under penalties of perjury that the candidate is not currently delinquent in any state income taxes, personal property taxes, real property taxes on their place of residency in addition to not owing any corporate taxes as an officer of a fee office.  Also included in this affidavit is that the candidate is not aware of any information that would prohibit them from fulfilling any bonding requirements for the office for which they are filing” according to McGaugh.

An additional new law to be considered by Towns, Cities and Villages with a population of under 1000 was brought about by the passage of Senate Bill #593 which would allow these entities to first pass by ordinance and then place on the ballot a proposal that will allow the city to waive an election…..  “if the number of candidates who have filed for a particular office is equal to the number of positions in that office to be filled by the election, no election shall be held for such office, and the candidates shall assume the responsibilities of their offices at the same time and in the same manner as if they had been elected”….  If the City properly advertises their candidate filing, adopts the ordinance and the majority of the votes cast in the April election favor the question; this non-election issue can be adopted for six calendar years.

“All cities in Carroll County with the exception of Town of Carrollton would qualify to adopt this ordinance.  This ordinance would take away any possibility  of a write-in candidate as there would be no ballot for an unopposed race, however could potentially save these small cities thousands of dollars” commented McGaugh.  My office has received feedback from a few of the smaller cities whom are apparently working on passing their ordinance.

Further information regarding filing for office can be obtained by calling the County Clerk’s office at 660-542-0615.