ST. LOUIS – Maximizing the profit potential of every U.S. soybean farmer means seeing past the issues of today; it means driving soybean innovation in products and services to meet customers’ needs in the future.
usb soybean
Recognizing this fact, the leaders of the national soy checkoff made driving innovation the center of their new groundbreaking 5-year strategic plan, which will guide all national soy checkoff investments from fiscal years 2017 to 2022.

United Soybean Board Chairman, Bob Haselwood, who raises soybeans, corn and wheat on his farm in Kansas said, “We need to focus on meeting our customers’ changing needs, and giving them a reason to keep choosing U.S. soy over increasing competition. That’s what’s going to help us ensure our children and grandchildren will have the same chance to maximize their profit opportunities that we have had.”

The new plan sets its sights on a future in which the U.S. soy industry increases the value of soybean meal for various species, from poultry to pork to aquaculture, and is recognized by customers for its highly desirable attributes such as its superior amino-acid profile and sustainability. The new plan also prioritizes supporting soybean farmers’ use of technological advances to maximize their on-farm profit opportunities, as well as the ongoing development of high oleic soybean oil to increase soy’s share of the edible-oil market.