MISSOURI — Beekeeping is an activity that anyone, anywhere can enjoy regardless of their experience at handling the bees themselves.

The Midwestern Beekeeping Association (MWBA) plays a major role in bringing beekeeping to the general public and get young started early in the profession.

KMZU’s Dan Watson chatted with Phillip Duncan, the President of the Midwestern Beekeepers Association, about how young people can get involved, what equipment they will need, and how to keep their bees alive during the harsh Missouri winter.

Click below to hear their conversation, which aired Friday on KMZU.

According to Duncan, beekeeping is a very easy hobby to get involved with and the MWBA provides the tools necessary to get young beekeepers started.

“We offer a scholarship, its called the Youth Beekeeping Scholarship to ages ten through eighteen.”

The association also offers a mentorship program to allow new beekeepers to learn from seasoned veterans.

“Its a two-year program,” Duncan said, “and  we get them involved, but the first year they are with a mentor and help the mentor with their hives and stuff and then the second year, we provide them with a hive, all the beekeeping equipment that they need and they maintain their mentor through the time period.”

Duncan also explains that bees can be kept year-round, but they have certain conditions that must be met if they are to survive the winter.

“The main thing is bees need to be dry. They can handle cold weather, they can’t handle being wet.”