On the heels of Child Safety Week, motorists are reminded of the high cost of being inattentive to safety.

Capt. John Hotz of Missouri Highway Patrol was vigilant about getting the message out this year, citing deaths in 2018 numbering ten among children eight years old or younger. In that same age group, nearly 2,000 were injured in vehicle accidents.

Although many feel strongly about the safety of their children, parents are urged to constantly be mindful of the most vulnerable passengers in the car. Special emphasis in the campaign is placed on the particular safety bonus provided by rear-facing car seats, which support the entire spinal column. There is no age limit for a rear facing seat, but there are weight limitations.  Some can accommodate up to 50 lbs.

Capt. Hotz says, the longer a child can remain in rear facing seats, the better.

Newsmaker segment from Tuesday Sept. 24

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