MISSOURI — Coyotes are a nuisance animal in Missouri and they can be especially disruptive to Missouri livestock farmers.

KMZU’s Dan Watson spoke with Darrell Damron, Wildlife Damage Biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation to discuss why the coyote has become such a problem and what types of hunting and trapping methods can be used to help keep the local populations in-check.

Click below to hear their full conversation, which aired Tuesday on KMZU.


A variety of methods are available to hunt coyotes such as all legal forms of firearms and bows and arrows.

However, Damron warns that there are still restrictions and regulations that need to be followed when setting certain types of traps such as a cable restraint.

“But when you use cable restraints, they can’t be set within twelve inches of a fence,” Damron said.

Damron further explains that the reason for these regulations is to protect domestic animals so that they do not get caught.

“You know and that’s done to protect domestic animals that might get caught in the trap or in a snare,” Damron stated.

Even with year-round hunting and less regulations, Damron still reminds Missourians that the coyote is a vital part of the Missouri ecosystem as they are scavengers that eat dead animals which keeps farm fields and ditches by the road cleaner and free from obstruction so that they can function properly.

For more information on trapping regulations for coyotes in Missouri, check the Wildlife Code Book or the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.