CARROLL COUNTY, Mo. — A covered wagon will be making its way through Carrollton and the surrounding area for the remainder of the week as part of an awareness campaign to raise funds for Dogs That Help, a not-for-profit that places service dogs with disabled veterans.

KMZU’s Miles Carter was able to catch up with members of the caravan, including Luke Reinhold, from Troy, Il., to discuss their journey.

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The covered wagon was originally a promise between two friends serving in the Vietnam War. The friends made a pact to travel across America in a covered wagon and if one did not come from the war, that the other would still do the trip in honor of his fallen friend.

Half of the trip was completed 25 years ago and the now 70-year-old Vietnam veteran, along with three other veterans, are completing the rest of the trip, in efforts to raise awareness about PTSD service dogs.

The men will be in the Carrollton area through Thursday morning, when they plan to set out for Hardin, where they will stay until Friday. From Hardin, the group will make the trek to Excelsior Springs before loading up their gear and animals and driving to St. Joseph, where they will resume their ride. The next stop? Wathena, Kansas.

For those interested in donating funds or items for the trip, please visit the Veterans Promise Kept website.

Anyone who wants to find out more can contact Luke Reinhold at (314) 223-2621.