JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Soybeans are vital to the livelihood of the economy of Missouri – they are the most grown crop in the state and Missouri ranks seventh among U.S. states in soybean production.

KMZU’s Denny Campbell was able to chat with Gary Wheeler, Executive Director of the Missouri Soybean Association, about the Foundation for Soybean Innovation – a new initiative which aims to strengthen relationships and promote collaboration among industry partners.

Click below to hear their conversation, which aired Tuesday on KMZU.


Gary Wheeler, MoSoy

“[The Foundation for Soy Innovation] is a newly-developed foundation, and again it is an incredible opportunity to bring the entire soybean value chain together – from producers, to researchers to the consumers – full circle around shared values and opportunities.”

Wheeler said that the foundation is an initiative started by Missouri Soybeans, however it is a multi-state effort to bring together all the moving parts of soybean production to encourage collaboration and innovative thinking.

“The Foundation brings together soybean farmers not only in Missouri, but across the Midwest,” Wheeler explained.  “The ultimate goal in our mission is building strategic partnerships and leveraging those resources with those partnerships throughout the value chain to advance innovation and grow our demand.”

The board members of the foundation, who according to Wheeler are all Missouri farmers and producers, will have a purview which will be more comprehensive than policy making.

“A lot of our goals and our stakeholders do research,” Wheeler said. “Part of what they do is to educate and empower current and future generations working with soybeans.”

You can learn more details about the Foundation for Soy Innovation on their website, or by visiting the Missouri Soybean Association website.