MISSOURI — Hunting season is just days away now in Missouri. Hunters across the state will fan out to take part in a classic pastime many have enjoyed for years.

KMZU’s Brian Lock was joined by Lucas Bond with the Missouri Department of Conservation, who encouraged people to get out and try bow hunting this season, and added that a new smartphone app makes things a little easier for hunters.

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(Photo Ron Sinfelt)

According to Bond, over 180,000 archers are active across Missouri. The deer bow hunting season will last for more than 90 days this year.

The season is slated to run from one-half hour before sunrise on Saturday, September – that’s next Saturday, for anyone who is keeping track – until just after sundown on Friday, November 9. The season will resume again November 21 and will continue through January 15, 2018. Bond added that education for any hunter is vital – and required.

The Hunter Education Program is administered in two separate parts: a knowledge test and a skill test. Self-study for the knowledge potion of the test is strongly encouraged using online resources from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

A four-hour program completed in person in a classroom setting is also an option, according to Bond.

Finally, hunters will take part in demonstrations, watch videos and take skill tests in the skill portion of the education program.