JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge for parents. During the holidays, the effort can become even more challenging

KMZU’s Brian Lock spoke with Dr. Paul Roberts, Outreach Director for the Missouri Dental Association, about the importance of children’s dental hygiene.

Click below to hear their conversation, which aired Friday on KMZU.


During the holiday season, it can be easy for normal practices to become more lax. Dr. Roberts said it is as important for kids to take care of their mouths during the holidays as it is all year long.

“The best tip I can give would be to prevent in between meal snacking,” Roberts said. “It’s okay to have a snack in between meals, but it is important to have water on hand and to drink water throughout the day to keep things rinsed out.”

Roberts explained that children’s teeth pose a higher risk for enamel erosion or other dental health issues than their adult counterparts.

“Children’s teeth are more prone to decay because the enamel is less resistant to acidic breakdown by bacteria.”

Roberts said that it is up to parents to set good examples for their young ones by brushing their teeth with them twice or even three times a day to make sure those healthy habits continue later in life.