JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri House passed new voting legislation armed with 21 provisions that allow for new laws and prohibit others.

Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-39)

Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-39), who serves Ray, Chariton, and Carroll Counties, spoke with KMZU on the bill she thinks has a decent path past the Senate as well as her contributions to it.

The full bill can be found here.

The bill has 21 provisions, that critics believe is meant to suppress voting rights in the wake of the presidential election. McGaugh doesn’t see it that way, if fact, the opposite.

That free document she is talking about is the photo-ID. That is one of the major provisions in question with voting rights advocates, the requirement of a photo-id to vote. Advocates suggest it hurts minorities like the Amish and the elderly. McGaugh understands that and says the Secretary of State’s Office has a service to solve that.

Another major provision is no-excuse absentee voting for. The language gives anyone 3 weeks to request and vote absentee, a move that McGaugh, a former county clerk, says would help her fellow clerks a ton, along with the public.

McGaugh explains why she thinks this is needed in Missouri going forward.

The bill now heads to the Senate. The full newsmaker can be found below.