National Ag Day is celebrated on March 21 this year as a way to advocate for agriculture. Events are happening all around the country, and our area is no exception.

KMZU’s Sara Miles was able to speak with Annette Degnan, Agriculture Council of America Board of Directors Chair, about National Ag Day.

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Degnan says, “National Ag Day was established to recognize and celebrate the many important contribution of agriculture to all of our everyday lives. “ she also says that this program encourages Americans to understand how agriculture products are made as well as to value agriculture.

Events around the country will be taking place, but she says the most meaningful event will be FFA students visiting with legislature about agriculture. Degnan says, “Those young people go to their elected members of congress and they talk about their vision for agriculture, their hopes and dreams, why they are so committed to remaining of the farm or getting a job in the agriculture industry.”

According to a news release, three students from Missouri will be in attendance.

Those who want to stay at home can also be involved in National Ag Day. Options include volunteering at a school, passing out samples at a grocery store, or volunteering to provide information. Social media can be used by anyone to show their appreciate for National Ag Day by using the hashtag, #AgDay.

Degnan adds, “Ag Day is just a great way for people in the rural area to connect with consumers in the rural areas.”

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