According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1.9 million bachelor’s degrees are expected to be handed out by May of 2017. These graduates will be hitting the job market in an attempt to secure full time employment. For a recent graduate, finding a job might be one of the most daunting tasks facing them.

KMZU’s Sara Miles was able to talk with Joan Schneider, Director of Career Services at Northwest Missouri State University.

Schneider expects the job market for recent graduates is very positive across many industries. “There doesn’t seem to be one particular industry that is outshining others. The hiring will be done across different disciplines.”

Schneider bases her advice off of Dr. Philip D. Gardner, Director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Dr. Gardner has speculating that hiring could be up when compared to last year.

Current college students should also be preparing for the future. According to Schneider, there are many ways students can start preparing as early as freshman year.

“Current college students can prepare for the current job markets by being ready, by being strategic, and not waiting until the last minute,” Schneider says.

Schneider says that Northwest has a variety of resources available for alumni and current students to help with their job search. She says, “It is a job to find a job,” and does not recommend going at it alone.