National FFA Week is celebrated from February 18-25 around the country. With over 649,000 members celebrating, FFA is able to share the role that agriculture plays to audiences on every level. KMZU has been celebrating FFA all week through interviews with area members.

KMZU’s Sara Miles was able to talk with Keith Dietzschold, the Executive Secretary of the Missouri FFA Association.

Dietzschold tell us that FFA Week is not just about the members, but it is also about the community members.

Dietzschold says, “It allows the members and the chapters to spread the news about what they are doing locally and also thank the community for their support throughout the year.”

Community members also can support their local FFA Chapters throughout the year by not only donating, but also volunteering their time and expertise to help the students learn. Dietzschold says ways community members can help are by volunteering as judges, by helping the agricultural instructors, or by showing what opportunities are available for them.

Just like any other industry, agriculture is constantly evolving and it turn, agricultural education has to evolve with it. Since 1928, when the National FFA Organization was founded, a lot of things have changed, but some things will always stay the same.

Dietzschold says, “Technology is always something I think is going to be evolving and moving forward, but I think one of the main staples of our program is developing leaders and communication skills and teamwork skills and I don’t see that changing a lot.”

KMZU strives to highlight area students’ excellence in academics, sports, and various organizations. FFA is a great example of a student group which provides students with great knowledge and leadership opportunities and teaches a new generation about the importance and history of agriculture across the county. Hearing the voices of the students who are touched by this origination is a way for the community to better understand the goals and values of FFA.